About Us

The company’s intent is to build successful, profitable market brands with strategic local food and beverage company partners based upon functional food and nutrition technologies.  Such brand upgrades or new brands are intended to grow the base business for our strategic partner brands and provide OTC NUTRITION LLC’s technology platforms the credibility to expand globally by meeting the nutritional and lifestyle needs of a core, loyal consumer base.  Furthermore, such successful brands offer the potential to create acquisition candidates for major multinational food and beverage companies interested in further domestic and global market expansions.

OTC NUTRITION LLC anchors upon an extensive base of patented technology platforms and world-class capability resources available through its well developed network of high level management contacts established by its globally experienced executive team.  Specifically, OTC NUTRITION LLC has 1.) market-tested and commercially ready, patented technology platforms for nutritious beverages and ready to eat, convenient snack foods from The Procter & Gamble Company and 2.) unique access to patented functional ingredient technologies as part of a developed overall health and wellness strategy.  By commercializing, through local production, brand marketing, and distribution partners, consumer-preferred products that deliver meaningful health performance and are competitively protected by these patented technologies can create value-add, profitable opportunities.