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Executive Team


Dr. Tim. Fealey, Managing Director.  Dr. Fealey is a former Procter and Gamble Company executive, Senior VP Global Food and Beverage Strategic Planning.  Additionally, he has had senior R&D and Strategic leadership responsibilities with the Coca-Cola Company and served as Senior VP Chief Innovation Officer of Marteck Bioscience Corporation, a leading nutrition based biotechnology company in Maryland.  He has participted in other entrepreneural endeavors over the years and is now engaged in investing in new technology business vcentures.  Tim has over 30 years of combined R&D and General management experience in all aspects of technology management and global strategic planning.  He brings extensive business experience, knowledge, and a broad network, both private companies and public institutions, of personal contacts in all regions of the world.  He was a key contributor to the highly successful global expansion of the Pringles brand as well as other well known consumer product brands.  He has extensive experience in the business of foods and beverages including suppliers and external capabilities and to the global academic and regulatory communities.  Tim has a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Georgetown University and MBA from University of Chicago.


Mr. Chuck Gagel, President.  Mr. Gagel is a former Procter and Gamble Company executive, with deep product development, intellectual property management and external insitutional collaborations with the nutritional science and non-governmental organization communities worldwide.  He currently provides techical consulting services for the food industry.  Chuck brings 30 years of Procter and Gamble Company experience managing food and beverage projects from soft drinks, such as the Crush line, Fanta and Gini and including Sunny Delight, to superior nutritional technology developments, such as Choco Milk and other high value nutritional beverages in global developing country markets.  He brings in-depth consumer and technical knowledge of micronnutrient formulations to combat malnutrition deficiencies in developing countries, having worked in countries such as Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Phillipines, Tanzania and Venezula.  He served on a number of micronutrient initaitaive boards and is well known to the WHO and US AID communities. He is a recognised global expert in identifying consumer insights and technology needs and fast prototyping to accelerate business program implementation.  Chuck has a MSc Engineering from University of Louisville.


Dr. David Yang, Chief Technology Officer.  Dr. Yang is a former Procter and Gamble Company executive with sixteen plus years of experience in a variety of business and product development roles and responsibilities covering both domestic and international operations.  Within P&G’s Global Food & Beverage Business Unit he managed food and beverage project areas for nutritional beverages, emerging health and wellness technologies, development of healthy fats and oils, and human clinical efficacy testing.   He has successful experience both buying and selling technology and technology applications and is a true entrepreneur with a successful track record of accomplishments.  He has demonstrated the ability to turn technology solutions into a market place success which he has done as President and COO of NutriJoy Inc.; serving from start up to a partnership acquisition.  He currently serves as Interim President for a not-for-profit organization, Earth’s Harvest Inc., within the Kansas Innovation Center for Advanced Plant Design. Among other technology accomplishments, he was a co-inventor of the PPS technology which permits high value low cost beverage formulations using protein technology.  David has a PhD in Food Science and Nutrition from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BS in Chemistry from Purdue University.


Dr. Virgil W. Smail, Chief Operations Officer.  Dr. Smail is an internationally recognized leader in grain science and technology development.  He served as president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Baking during which time he expanded overall institute programs from $8.4 to $19 million in income from operations and $16 to $20 million in total assets and investments.  Additionally, he has served as Senior Vice President Milling Operations, ConAgra Foods and Senior Vice President of Lallemand American Yeast.  He currently serves as Executive Director United Sorghum Checkoff Program.  Virgil brings international experience and established relationships with grain and oilseed industry leaders as a current or former member of the boards of directors of the American Bakers Association, International Cereal Chemists, Mid-America Commercialization Corporation, Grain Industry Alliance, where he is a former chairman, He is past president of the Milling and Baking Division, American Association of Cereal Chemists, as well as past president of the board of directors NutriJoy Inc., International Fiber Corporation, among others.  Virgil earned a Ph.D. in crop breeding specializing in wheat genetics, with a plant pathology minor and a master of science in agronomy with a statistics minor, both from Montana State University, Bozeman.



Consulting Staff to OTC Nutrition LLC


Dr. Haile Mehansho, Micronutrient Nutrition Technology and Professional Program Specialist


Mr. Don Compton, Micronutrient Fortification Technology and Product Development Specialisit


Mr. Tim Dake, Food Technologist and Processing Specialist


Mr. Galen Downton, Food and Beverage Process Engineer and Manufacturing Specialist