Women's Health and Nutrition Products

ü    High Bioavailable Soluble Calcium (Calcium Citrate Malate)


      J     Soluble Calcium and Vitamin D reduced fracture risk by over 50% in women +65 yrs.

   J     Only calcium source shown to completely halt or reduce by 60% bone loss in the spine, hip and forearm

          in postmenopausal women.

   J     Prevents bone lose resulting from weight loss diets.

   J     Only calcium source shown to optimize absorption with other essential minerals, like Iron and Zinc.

   J     Reduces cholesterol by 6%, LDL by 11% (results equal to soluble fibers) and a 2X increase in saturated

          fat excretion.

      J     Reduces risk for hypertension, lowered blood pressure.

 ü    Natural High Antioxidant Fruit Concentrates

J     Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and Cancer Benefits

ü    DHA (Omega-3 fats) for Brain and Eye Health and Development and for Long Term Cardio-health and

       Acuity/Mental Health

 ü   Healthy Lipids (soy) and Polyphenols (green tea) for Cardio-Health and Healthy Living